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Hello everyone I have started this community for those of you who like myself, have less than perfect credit. I am currently fighting the good fight to have my credit repaired. During my younger years I made quite a few mistakes and I am paying for them, but I recently found out there are ways to get a second chance. There are three major credit reporting agencies that your creditor will get your report from when you apply for credit, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. By filing the correct complaints with these companies you can have any errors (or things on your credit report that should be there but you don't want there) removed. The question you must ask yourself is; Is this ethical? Well that is a question you will have to answer for yourself, but personally I don't think it is right that some corporation decide what I am worth or how trustworthy I am based on hard times and a mistake or two I have made. Getting negative items removed from your credit history won't be easy and it will be time consuming but it is worth it to help live a better life, a life where you decide how much you are worth. I would suggest that you start out by looking at the following articles; they inspired me to do this.

Reading these two articles carefully will get you on your way to success. So please join our community and post your own findings...our credit should belong to us, so let's take it.

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