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Victim of bad credit here ...

Hi there ... I see your community is fairly new and I wish it lots of success because I too can use some good advice with improving my credit!!

A bit about me ... I'm in my mid-twenties and just finishing up my B.A., ((I graduate in 12 days!!)), and hopefully starting work on my teaching certification come fall.

When I was freshly 18, like many, I started off my credit history with a big bang ... at first I managed it fairly well, but then, (partly in fault of my stupid high school boyfriend - but ultimately my own responsibility), when I was left with the full financial burden of a home and bills plus credit card bills, (what was previously a joint responsibility), I could only manage to pay the necessities, i.e. house payment, utilities, food, gas, etc. So for several years the credit card accounts, all in my name, were just sitting there unpaid and blemishing my credit report.

Well, recently, (with the help of my lovely current boyfriend of near-four years, sodapopinski51), I've been able to settle on several of my old debt accounts, and work out payment plans on a couple too. So the next step after this is to start working on repairing my credit reports.

Once I've got a handle on my finances, I would like to repair as well as re-establish my credit. As far as the rebuilding goes, it seems like at first there are not many options other than high-fee high-interest credit cards. One of the best ones I've come across is this one - First Premier Bank Mastercard - which has a 9.9% APR on purchases, much lower than the average near-20% APR on all the other cards on this list. There are sizable fees too, of course, but still lower than many other cards I've found, and they don't require payment up front but rather add them to your card's initial balance. They report to all the major credit agencies to help rebuild credit worthiness. Has anyone else found a credit rebuilding credit card that is any better than that??

Great idea for a community, I hope more people sign up soon!! I'll try to promote it a bit to get a few more members, good luck!! :)
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First premier?

Account Set-up Fee: $29.00 (one-time fee)
Program Fee: $95.00 (one-time fee)
Annual Fee: $48.00
Participation Fee: $72.00 Annually++

Pardon my french but that is farking absurd. Surely you can do better than this.

MBNA is solid, no fee, 9.9%

Chase: No fees, low rates, and up to a 5% rebate in all purchases.

Dont EVER EVER get a card that has any sort of annual or program fee, theres always a company that will give you a car without one, there are PLENTY out there.
I noticed the fees, but actually they are lower than all the other cards listed that are for people with bad credit. That's pretty sad that some places actually charge more, highway robbery. :(

Since my credit is currently bad, but is in repair-mode, I'm guessing that my options for credit cards that will actually approve me are going to be limited at first and I might have to suck it up and pay hight fees and interest just to get some good credit reestablished on my credit report.

Thanks for the options, I'll look into it!! :)

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